Factoring Made Easy

Are you tired of waiting for insurance and management companies to pay you? Do you want to speed up your cash flow? Our factoring facility can help! We at Fair Finance Ltd want to improve the cash flow of your buisness.

Fair Finance Ltd specialise in buying insurance, management company, major car rental companies and self insured company invoices, as well as non-fault accident invoices, giving you cash within 24 hours of you finishing the job.

Once we buy the invoice from you, we do all the chasing so that you have the cash without any of the hassle!

Our story

Who We Are?

Fair Finance Ltd, with its pioneering slogan “Cash Is King”, was founded in October 1995 and opened its offices in November of the same year. We have since established ourselves as a leading factoring company in the crash repair industry.

With over 25 years worth of networking and trust, Accident Management Companies and Assessors are happy to deal with Fair Finance Ltd as we have always shown a professional approach when dealing with Insurance Companies in the collection and payment of outstanding debts. 

Fair Finance Ltd is 100% computerised and utilises a sophisticated credit control system therefore minimising the cost of collecting outstanding debts. This enables us to be extremely competitive with our rates, helping to deliver a premium service to our customers continually.

Our Services

What We Do?

At Fair Finance Ltd we truly understand the importance of steady cash flow. Not only are we dedicated to giving you fast cash by purchasing your insurance invoices so you no longer have to wait for lengthy payments, we will also further support your business by purchasing other invoices from you such as:

  • Hire invoices
  • Storage/recovery costs
  • Total loss claims

Why Use Us?

  • 100% of the invoice is paid (less our fees)
  • Fast and secure electronic payment
  • No hidden costs or monthly charges
  • No credit limit
  • Steady cash flow

How It Works?

  • Your Bodyshop raises an invoice for £XXXXX to the insurance company, but instead of sending this invoice to the insurance company, you will email the invoice to Fair Finance Ltd.
  • Fair Finance Ltd pay you the invoice amount on the same day (less our fees).
  • We then send the invoice to the insurance company and they pay us.

This process allows you to get your cash immediately, helping you to pay your staff, pay for parts and move on to your next job with none of the worry!